Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just read an interesting interview with Alvin Toffler, author of FUTURESHOCK, in which he discusses his thoughts about the future of public education.  I suppose it is not surprising that he is not a proponent of educational reform.  He's known to be a bit of a forward thinker....
Instead, Toffler proposes scrapping our entire system and rebuilding it from the ground up incorporating what we know we KNOW about kids, schools and society.  I'm not sure we're ready for some of what he proposes, but it was interesting and echoed some of what I keep wondering how we are going to incorporate....
Toffler's FUTURE SCHOOLS include:
  • Open twenty-four hours a dayCustomized educational experience
  • Kids arrive at different times
  • Students begin their formalized schooling at different ages
  • Curriculum is integrated across disciplines
  • Nonteachers work with teachers
  • Teachers alternate working in schools and in business world
  • Local businesses have offices in the schools
  • Increased number of charter schools

It is interesting....and the optimist in me gets pretty excited (as long as I don't think of the barriers to implementing changes needed to get here)!

Toffler's entire interview can be found here:


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