Friday, November 27, 2009

Google Documents for Teachers

I came across this good introduction to Google Documents for teachers (see below) the other day.

I know I have posted about Google Docs before, but I think we are missing an opportunity here for having students work collaboratively on one document. This is an area where I believe we need to do more!

There are other potential benefits to having students use this impressive suite of tools to collaborate on work at home and at school too, not the least of which is removing compatibility issues and helping to share documents.  The history function is potentially helpful too!

 On my to-do list is learning how to use Google Forms. It looks interesting, almost like a survey application in some ways.

If your students are doing lots of collaborative work, Google Docs might benefit them more than using other more popular applications. They do require a Google account (gmail address) to use this however, which may be a problem depending upon the students' age and/or school or district policies regarding having students sign up for external email addresses.


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Anonymous said...

Look into the educational version of Google apps -- no ads and comes with a suite of utilities (and is cheap!).

Also, take a look at:

And note that Windows has some free addins for through Windows Live that allow sharing of docs and concurrent work on activities.

If you need more, drop me a note.