Friday, January 8, 2010

Different Ways to SHOW What You KNOW

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon programming, but I came across this today and thought it might be of interest to some of you...
If you are looking to come up with alternative ways to get the kids to show what they know, perhaps this periodic table of visual representation might be useful? 
I could see this being given to kids too, to choose their own way of presenting information instead of writing the book report or completing a paragraph.  There are some higher level thinking skills needed for some of the causal comparative techniques on the page...
Thanks to Ian Jukes for posting this on his Committed Sardines blog. Thanks to the good people at for putting it together. It's AWESOME.  I learned some new things today.
AND...looking at this reminded me of the diagram to help people choose what kind of chart to make to show relationships between numbers.  If your kids make charts, take a look at this link.  Thanks to EXTREME PRESENTATION.COM  for putting this one online!

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