Friday, May 7, 2010

Testing New Video Resource

The Regional Resource Center in our Zone is exploring the use of a new digital content streaming service provided by  I have access via a trial account, and I am exploring how smoothly the content can be used off-site.

It doesn't look like it embeds, but I can link to specific videos, such as THIS one illustrating how to substitute and solve square roots for different valued. 

If anyone has any experience with this service provided by, please let me know.  It looks very promising at this point but I would love to hear how it functions across an entire district in the long term.

EDIT: Whoops. It appears the content may not be shared with others via forums like class blogs, and perhaps Moodle. The link above will not open the media player unless the user is logged in to the site.  The next question is, how does this affect our use of the content?  Will this be a significant problem?  Or perhaps our students will be given the ability to create their own accounts as well (which I doubt)?  Some more investigating is in order.


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