Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Positively Influencing Change Through Perspective

I read a statement similar to this today, or heard something similar somewhere today, and it has been sitting on the top of my head ever since.  I want to make darn sure I remember it for the next personal planning I do, or the next planning meetings I attend, so I'm posting it here to keep it at hand.
Instead of looking to save money by chipping away pieces of what we already have, why don't we instead approach the problem by assuming we have nothing and add in everything we truly need.  The leftovers will be our savings and the process will affirm our core values.
I love the PERSPECTIVE this approach offers me.  It is a transferable and scaleable approach to looking at situations requiring a critical analysis or a cut of some sort.  I could use this to assess the efficiency of how I use my time at work.  I could use this to review our personal budget at home.  I could use this to review my classroom instructional practices.
What I like best about taking this perspective is that it is POSITIVE (building from scratch to support our core values) for dealing with often negative (budget cuts) situations!  It seems like such a positive way to proceed...

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