Monday, February 22, 2010


Within my district there has been a great deal of work done over the past 2 years on reviewing and revising the process used to evaluate school-based administrators.  Significant input has been given to the administrators and a committee has worked through many drafts to put together both a rubric to be used to help guide our actions as well as to help assess our growth and behavior as administrators.
I'm mostly pleased with the final product, as I feel the use of a professional growth portfolio will give us the opportunity to provide an authentic representation of our performance.  There will always be an external voice involved with any evaluations, but offering us the opportunity to help create the process and to demonstrate our own growth is a huge opportunity.
I recently read a report originating from Denver Colorado re: perceptions of the Denver Public Schools teacher evaluation process.  Recent research in Denver suggests a high level of dissatisfaction among teachers and administrators with their teacher evaluation process.  Reading this started me thinking about our own process....
I wonder what the satisfaction level is in my district, among teachers and administrators, of the quality of teaching?  This level speaks to our potential to improve instruction, I think. 
I also wonder what the result might be if we invited teachers to participate in the process of reviewing our current model?  Hmmmm....I bet that would be a very powerful experience! 

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