Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Prospective Teachers

Hello Teacher Education North students from GPRC (and others who may have found their way to this post). 

The brief presentation I used to start conversation during my recent visit to your T.E.N. classroom follows.  The purpose of this presentation was to introduce you to the idea that technology integration 'fits' in modern classrooms and to introduce some of the tools/concepts you will be working with during your student teaching and upon graduation.  It can be challenging to talk about the integration of technology into teaching and learning with veteran teachers, but trying to put together a 90 minute session for education students is a different challenge entirely.  I hope you found it interesting and relevant. 

Ideally, some of what you saw and/or we discussed will be useful as you continue to prepare for the day you have your own classrooms!  Feel free to come back and review this presentation over time and check to see if your perceptions or beliefs change in the future.  For those of you who may be interested in the links shared in the presentation, they are listed after the presentation that follows.

Integrating Technology, Teaching, and Learning (10.12.2010)

The following links are embedded in the above presentation: (re: facebook and twitter behavior) (to access SMART Notebook Express online) (to share SMART Notebook activities/lessons) (Alberta Education's Internet Safety page with great information and resources) (searching for resources licensed for sharing) (home of an amazing blogger who shares FANTASTIC resources) (ditto, produced by an Alberta SMART trainer) (Google Reader home) (Google Reader in Plain English video)

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