Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online Digital Citizenship Symposium

I have the GREAT pleasure and honor of spending today with 20 junior high students and 4 school administrators attending an Online Digital Citizenship Symposium. 

There are interesting discussions taking place...for example, I asked the group what they would prefer to receive as a gift, iPhone or iPad....overwhelming majority would prefer an iPhone.  They had some very interesting reasons why...

It definitely looks like the future is MOBILE!

The changes that are occurring around us in education are obvious.  The changes that are coming ahead are not so obvious. 

In my role in educational technology, I talk with a lot of people about these changes.  I am not sure the sense of urgency that I see that exists for helping our students develop a strong foundational knowledge is shared by everyone else. 

As I reflect this morning on what I am hearing from the students participating, I think I am going to need to help develop that sense of urgency!  Mission now = urgency!


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