Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi. Remember me?


With October beginning, the busiest period of my professional life, that I can remember, concludes. Busiest. Ever.  This year I had no summer holidays to speak of, and I have spent the last 8 weeks wondering a fair bit if I may have may bitten off more than I could chew.  Glad it all turned out OK. SO, with the experience of:  helping to convert our district to a new Student Information System, plus continuing with coursework for my doctorate, while also trying to focus on my dissertation, at the same time as ensuring quality family time (whoops - should have put them first here), all under my belt, I think it is time to start talking about education, education reform, instructional leadership, and technology integration again.


Before that, I thought I'd share a little bit about me for anyone new who stumbles upon this blog and is wondering what my context is:

I am the Director of Educational Technology in the Grande Prairie Public School District, and I like to think out loud. I've been blogging for a few years now, and I originally started blogging when I was principal of Derek Taylor Public School as a way to share items of interest I'd found with my coworkers.  I wanted to avoid overwhelming everyone's inboxes with all the interesting content I find.  Since that time, however, over the last four years or so, this spot on the web has morphed into a significant source of my professional learning.  I still share what I find interesting and relevant, but I also use this space to reflect on ways to improve education to benefit our students.  It is sort of like thinking out loud, and I enjoy the conversations that leads to, so feel free to subscribe and to share your thoughts by commenting on anything you find interesting.

It's a pretty fun learning journey.....I'm pretty lucky to be doing it here! Alberta, Canada is the land of opportunity in Education right now and we are on the verge of some exciting changes.  The Action agendas promoted by our provincial ministry (Action on Curriculum, on Inclusion, etc.) are very exciting.  The changes that are coming are good for kids, and I'm glad to be part of them...

Let's have a conversation, shall we?


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