Friday, December 18, 2009

Electric Vehicles

The idea of moving from internal combustion to electric vehicles is BIG idea to wrap our heads around.  It would be a monumental shift in the car industry. The concept is immediately appealing for the value it offers to our environment, but as with most great ideas there is a great deal to consider to make it reality. 

I recently viewed a brief video created by IBM predicting the top 5 ideas that will be popular in 5 years in cities. Number one on the list was electric vehicles.  The talk of smart grids with charging stations started me thinking about battery issues, and I was reminded of the single best presentation I'd ever heard on this topic. 

Watch this 18 minute presentation from a TED conference in February of 2009. Does this not sound like an amazingly simple, yet powerful and effective, idea? 

What do you think of that? Doesn't that sound possible? When I watch this, I think to myself "Why not?"  It comes down to will, doesn't it?

UPDATE: I just visited the Better Place website to see what they have been up to since this presentation, and they have pictures and test drive results for the Renault Fluence. It is a nice looking car (I'm still waiting for the 4WD version) and the early reports are positive. Of course, I doubt the negative comments would be posted here. Regardless, progress seems like it is being if they make a vehicle that fits me, and that I can effectively use here in the frozen north, then I'm in!



Malcolm said...

How do you think this might fit into the world...i'd pay the $800.

Alexander (Sandy) McDonald said...

Malky....I'd go for one of those for $800 too. I think that is brilliant!