Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Higher Level Spin on Discussing World Affairs?

I was talking with someone this evening about a structure/technique for discussing Current Events/World Affairs/News Highlights in class. Just putting up the headlines is one way to do it, and can lead to a very basic and entry-level discussion based on the one set of news items/headlines you are looking at.

Another way, and one that might be more engaging for JH kids, could be to use a news aggregator like I am sharing with the following links. If you had a smartboard, you could pop one of these up, and get the kids to stand up and engage in exploring what is on the webpage (updated daily, or more frequently), follow the links, make predictions and inferences, etc. I think kids as young as grade 7 could easily be exploring local or international news at a higher level using tools like this, inquiry thinking and skilled questioning from us.

I really like the following sites, so I thought I’d share them with everyone. Secretly, I’m hoping sharing via blog will help me find more time to visit these myself:


(this one is great – choose a country see what the headlines are – choose a headline see what the issues are)


(visual representations of the headlines – guess what the pictures show)


(Newspapers from over 60 countries – this is neat to look at – ask the kids why would the headlines be different?)


(links to thousands of online newspapers – going to Mexico? Know the headlines before you go)


(the English version of the Arabic News Network)


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