Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Found a New Blog to Add to My RSS Feeds

My copy of Failure Is Not An Option is getting worn out.  This book was a great resource during our first year at DTPS, especially the section on creating mission, vision, values and goals.

I have been receiving emails regarding What’s Working in Schools from the Hope Foundation (who published FNO), and now they have a blog.  I’ve added their RSS feed to my iGoogle account and I can more easily keep up with their announcements. 

Today was my first look at it, and I like the content.  I’m impressed so far, and especially like this post about what the research says students want (aka need) from us in school!  We need to do this for all students, but especially for our neediest students, we need to plan well, engage them and teach to their needs, and not give up!




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