Sunday, March 8, 2009

MPTC Highlights

I have just recently enjoyed another excellent Teachers' Convention. Here are some of my highlights:

Stephen Murgatroyd's presentation. His slideshow is located in an earlier post. He also referenced the CAMPBRIDGE PRIMARY study recently published in the UK when discussing the topic of standardized testing for primary students. You can read more about that one HERE. (hint: their research says don't do it!)

Brenda Dyck's presentations were good, as always, if you are into educational technology. You might want to check out her 3 WIKI's: (engaging kids and teachers to be creative) (using google tools in class) (using youtube in class)

On the topic of youtube, Brenda shared some amazing video's, accessible from her wiki, including one a student shot with his cell phone!!!

Brenda's session on engaging kids and being creative covered a lot of uses of technology as a HEART tool, not just a mind tool, and was very inspiring. I'm going to share the story of with my family and see if they want to make a difference with me!

GLOGSTER - creating online posters with embedded multimedia instead of paper posters. This looks UBER COOL!

I am definitely going to be reading THREE CUPS OF TEA in the future. It's on my list, and if you are looking for a gift to buy me...LOL...

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