Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Made Me Think...

How is this for an idea? We ditch the textbooks - put all of our content into WIKI's.

They would be relevant (because we create them), they could be constantly updated, available at home and at school, and definitely be priced right. Is this a key step towards the personalization we need?




Malcolm said...

better yet...we can have our smart students build them.

you just gave me an idea for online review

Alexander (Sandy) McDonald said...

Exactly Malkie....the kids do the creating....and the editing....and we do the facilitating!

I can totally see JH and HS kids creating wiki resources like this during a term. THEN, it is a legacy exemplar for use with future classes too!

Lots of examples out there of classes blogging their content with notes, etc. GO FOR IT and let me know what you come up with...



Anonymous said...

And...with any luck the wiki resources would be current & up to date information. Unlike texts which can become outdated before they are scraped for new texts. Problem 1: How do you ensure that the information is correct? As we all should know; every piece of information gathered and researched on the net may not pass "academic scrutiny."


Alexander (Sandy) McDonald said...

Good point Del!

I've been thinking about this.

We make them in pieces, and we moderate what gets added!

If we have a PLC team of 4 teachers, we could each take turns monitoring what gets added. Share the load so to speak.

Plus, I'm pretty confident the kids would (could?) self-monitor too with some training!