Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Last Two Books I've Read (or 'Why I Should be in the NHL')

I just finished reading two Malcolm Gladwell books - Outliers and The Tipping Point .

Gladwell is an interesting author, and I enjoyed both the content and his style for both books.

Outliers is the story of success...and his position that 'practical'
intelligence is pretty important to one's succes aligns very well with
my thinking. I enjoyed reading about the other circumstances that
contributed to the success of people like Bill Gates, The Beatles and
hockey players. Apparently my birthday is ideal for NHL stardom, how
could I have not made it big?

The Tipping Point was a fascinating conversation on the topic of
creating a buzz about something and turning it into a popular thing on
a broad scale. As a teacher/administrator I can see aplication of
this knowledge when working with teenagers at school on school culture
types of issues...... and I think we already benefit from the
connectors/salesmen/mavens at our school.

Reading this book left me thinking about the need to look at issues we
may face at work a different way in order to reach lasting solutions!


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