Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Inspiring Videos - For Two Different Reasons...

#1 - US, posted by blimvisible...

I like this one because (a) I like the Regina Spektor song, and (b) it is made by, in her own words, "a housewife", and I hope it inspires people everywhere to push and promote their own creative selves like it inspired me.

#2 - MANKIND IS NO ISLAND, posted by Jason van Genderen

I like this one because (a) he composed his own music and shot it entirely with his cell phone, and (b) he is showing the power technology has as a HEART tool, not just a MIND tool. Technology does not just make things more efficient. It can make things BETTER too....coming up in a future post....microlending with www.kiva.org....my family and I are signing up!


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Malcolm said...


i passed on your site to my admin...i think he/they might be digging it. i got a 'thanks for sharing' reply. i see a pro d in vancouver coming up buddy!